By: Breanna Marchand

I sat on the front step
with the clouds covering the rays
And as I surrendered to the moment
I realized the sun doesn’t always shine

Sometimes your parents don’t work it out like they promised they would
Most times your skin doesn’t resemble
that of a porcelain doll
And often things won’t play out
in the sequence you had prepared for

There will be moments when
the stars align but do not wait
Do not dwell in the sadness of today
hoping and praying for a better morrow
For it never comes, my dear
Life will always throw flaws in your master plan

I ask you please enjoy the rain and drink that last sip of bitter coffee
in your favourite mug
And tell whomever broke your heart
that you forgive them
For nothing guarantees your happiness
But you

Breanna Marchand

Submitted by the poet on 9/21/2014