Editor Whedon

To be able to see every side of every question; To be on every side, to be everything, to be nothing long; To pervert truth, to ride it for a purpose, To use great feelings and passions of the human family For base designs, for cunning ends, To wear a...

By Edgar Lee Masters
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25 November


Like a young child who to his mother’s door Runs eager for the welcoming embrace, And finds the door shut, and with troubled face Calls and through sobbing calls, and o’er and o’er Calling, storms at the panel—so before A door that will not open, sick and numb, I listen for...

By Hermann Hagedorn
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24 November


Be patient, Life, when Love is at the gate, And when he enters let him be at home. Think of the roads that he has had to roam. Think of the years that he has had to wait. But if I let Love in I shall be late. Another has...

By Walter Conrad Arensberg
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23 November


What do I owe to you Who loved me deep and long? You never gave my spirits wings Nor gave my heart a song. But oh, to him I loved, Who loved me not at all, I owe the little gate That led through heaven’s wall. Sara Teasdale...

By Sara Teasdale
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22 November

To Celia

There was a strangeness on your lips, Lips that had been so sure; You still were mine but in eclipse, Beside me but obscure....

By Witter Bynner
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20 November

Cologne Cathedral

The little white prayers Of Elspeth Fry Float up the arches Into the sky. A little black bird On the belfry high Pecks at them As they go by. Frances Shaw...

By Frances Shaw
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18 November


To-night the little girl-nun died. Her hands were laid Across her breast; the last sun tried To kiss her quiet braid; And where the little river cried, Her grave was made. The little girl-nun’s soul, in awe, Went silently To where her brother Christ she saw, Under the Living Tree; He sighed, and his face...

By Mary Carolyn Davies
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17 November


I heard one who said: “Verily, What word have I for children here? Your Dollar is your only Word, The wrath of it your only fear. “You build it altars tall enough To make you see, but you are blind; You cannot leave it long enough To look before you or behind. “When...

By Edwin Arlington Robinson
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15 November