The experience of each new age requires a new confession, and the world seems always waiting for its poet.

In the Rain

I stand in the cold gray weather, In the white and silvery rain; The great trees huddle together, And sway with the windy strain. I dream of the purple glory Of...

By William Wetmore Story
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23 October

Without and Within

My coachman, in the moonlight there, Looks through the side light of the door; I hear him with his brethren swear, As I could do,—but only more. Flattening his nose...

By James Russell Lowell
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22 October

Her Epitaph

The handful here, that once was Mary's earth, Held, while it breathed, so beautiful a soul, That, when she died, all recognized her birth, And had their sorrow in...

By Thomas William Parsons
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21 October


Since, if you stood by my side to-day, Only our hands could meet, What matter that half the weary world Lies between our feet; That I am here by the...

By Phoebe Cary
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20 October


[Sung on the occasion of decorating the graves of the Confederate dead at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, S. C., 1867.] Sleep sweetly in your humble graves, Sleep, martyrs of...

By Henry Timrod
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18 October

Edged Tools

Well, Helen, quite two years have flown Since that enchanted, dreamy night, When you and I were left alone, And wondered whether they were right, Who said that each the...

By Edmund Clarence Stedman
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17 October

A Pen of Steel

Give me a pen of steel! Away with the gray goose-quill! I will grave the thoughts I feel With a fiery heart and will: I will grave with the stubborn...

By George Pratt
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16 October

Momentous Words

What spiteful chance steals unawares Wherever lovers come, And trips the nimblest brain and scares The bravest feelings dumb? We had one minute at the gate, Before the others came; To-morrow it...

By Edward Rowland Sill
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15 October

Ah, Be Not False

Ah, be not false, sweet Splendor! Be true, be good; Be wise as thou art tender; Be all that Beauty should. Not lightly be thy citadel subdued; Not ignobly, not untimely. Take...

By Richard Watson Gilder
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14 October

Faith and Fate

To horse, my dear, and out into the night! Stirrup and saddle and away, away! Into the darkness, into the affright, Into the unknown on our trackless way! Past bridge...

By Richard Hovey
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13 October