Topic: Faith

The Good Man in Hell

If a good man were ever housed in Hell By needful error of the qualities, Perhaps to prove the rule or shame the devil, Or speak the truth only a stranger sees, Would he, surrendering quick to obvious hate, Fill half eternity with cries and tears, Or watch beside Hell's little...

By Edwin Muir
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23 December

Milton’s Prayer of Patience

I am old and blind! Men point at me as smitten by God's frown; Afflicted and deserted of my kind, Yet am I not cast down. I am weak, yet strong; I murmur not that I no longer see; Poor, old, and helpless, I the more belong, Father Supreme! to Thee. All-merciful One! When...

By Elizabeth (Lloyd) Howell
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24 October

Faith and Fate

To horse, my dear, and out into the night! Stirrup and saddle and away, away! Into the darkness, into the affright, Into the unknown on our trackless way! Past bridge and town missiled with flying feet, Into the wilderness our riding thrills; The gallop echoes through the startled street, And shrieks like...

By Richard Hovey
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13 October