Topic: Life

From “The Gardener”

My soul is alight with your infinitude of stars. Your world has broken upon me like a flood. The flowers of your garden blossom in my body. The joy of life that is everywhere burns like an incense in my heart. And the breath of...

By Rabindranath Tagore
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15 June

In the Moonlight

“O lonely workman, standing there In a dream, why do you stare and stare At her grave, as no other grave there were? “If your great gaunt eyes so importune Her soul by the shine of this corpse-cold moon, Maybe you’ll raise her phantom soon!” “Why, fool, it is what I...

By Thomas Hardy
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13 June


O PALE! O vivid! dear! O disillusioned eyes Forever near! O Dream, arise! I will not turn away From the face I loved again; Your beauty may sway My life with pain. I will drink the wine you pour, I will seek to put asunder Our ways no more— O Love! O Wonder! Zoë Akins...

By Zoë Akins
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30 May

Fiddler Jones

The earth keeps some vibration going There in your heart, and that is you. And if the people find you can fiddle, Why, fiddle you must, for all your life. What do you see, a harvest of clover? Or a meadow to walk...

By Edgar Lee Masters
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26 May

What am I, Life?

What am I, Life? A thing of watery halt Held in cohesion by unresting cells, Which work they know not why, which never halt, Myself unwitting where their Master dwells I do not bid them, yet they toil, they spin A world...

By John Masefield
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18 May

The Waste Places

As a naked man I go Through the desert sore afraid, Holding up my head although I’m as frightened as a maid. The couching lion there I saw From barren rocks lift up his eye; He parts the cactus with his paw, He stares at me as I go by. He would follow...

By James Stephens
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07 May

The Son

Southern Ohio Market Town I heard an old farm-wife, Selling some barley, Mingle her life with life And the name “Charley.” Saying: “The crop’s all in, We’re about through now; Long nights will soon begin, We’re just us two now. “Twelve bushel at sixty cents, It’s all I carried— He sickened making fence; He was to be...

By Ridgely Torrence
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05 May

When You Come

“There was a girl with him for a time. She took him to her room when he was desolate and warmed him and took care of him. One day he could not find her. For many weeks he walked constantly in that locality in search...

By Mary Aldis
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30 April

Who Loves the Rain

Who loves the rain And loves his home, And looks on life with quiet eyes, Him will I follow through the storm; And at his hearth-fire keep me warm; Nor hell nor heaven shall that soul surprise, Who loves the rain, And loves his home, And looks on life with quiet eyes. Frances Shaw...

By Frances Shaw
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29 April

The Strange Companion

A Fragment That strange companion came on shuffling feet, Passed me, then turned, and touched my arm. He said (and he was melancholy, And both of us looked fretfully, And slowly we advanced together), He said: “I bring you your inheritance.” I watched his eyes; they were dim. I doubted him, watched him,...

By Harold Monro
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28 April