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Ah, never in all my life Have I ever fled away From the loneliness that follows My spirit night and day! Though I fly to the dearest face, It follows without rest— To the kind heart of love, And the belovèd breast. Though I walk amid the crowd, Still I walk apart; Alone, alone...

By John Hall Wheelock
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12 April

The Soldier and the Poet

At last, The strength of your arm The depth in your hands The smell of your body The reach if your arms The scandal, The generations of tension In my tired shoulders Relinquish their battle To the soldier Who does not weep But brings up instead Another thought Touch me, my love Love me now Sweet Thursday The day of your...

By Grace Violet Ennis
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02 April

Attitude of Gratitude

I let you in on a little secret The only way I know best To bring happiness to oneself and others And never worry about the rest What secret is this you ask? Well I won't be too playful I shall say it quickly now, It's the things for which I'm grateful! A...

By Sandhya Iyer
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27 March


Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes...

By Langston Hughes
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22 March

A Loyal Woman’s No

NO! is my answer from this cold bleak ridge Down to your valley: you may rest you there: The gulf is wide, and none can build a bridge That your gross weight would safely hither bear. Pity me, if you will. I look at you With something that is kinder...

By Lucy Larcom
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19 March


NAY, weep not, dearest, though the child be dead; He lives again in Heaven's unclouded life, With other angels that have early fled From these dark scenes of sorrow, sin, and strife. Nay, weep not, dearest, though thy yearning love Would fondly keep for earth its fairest flowers, And e'en deny...

By John Godfrey Saxe
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15 March

A Life on the Ocean Wave

A life on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered waters rave, And the winds their revels keep: Like an eagle caged, I pine On this dull, unchanging shore: Oh! give me the flashing brine, The spray and the tempest's roar! Once more on the deck I stand Of...

By Epes Sargent
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14 March

L’appel du Vide

I've heard it called L'appel du vide -the call of the void- That sudden urge To do something Brash and regrettable Simply because You can. I've felt That tug at my soul, When my mind Is at its darkest, My heart At its lowest. I've thought How easy it would be To swerve Into oncoming traffic; To take...

By Rachel Shower
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05 March

“Ladies and Gentlemen, skinny and stout”

Ladies and Gentlemen, skinny and stout, I'll tell you a tale I know nothing about; The Admission is free, so pay at the door, Now pull up a chair and sit on the floor. One fine day in the middle of the night, Two dead...

By Unknown
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19 February

The Lady’s Yes

“YES!” I answered you last night: “No!” this morning, sir, I say. Colors seen by candle-light Will not look the same by day. When the tabors played their best, Lamps above, and laughs below, Love me sounded like a jest, Fit for Yes,...

By Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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14 February