Topic: Prayer

The Hope Of My Heart

"Delicta juventutis et ignorantius ejus, quoesumus ne memineris, Domine." I left, to earth, a little maiden fair, With locks of gold, and eyes that shamed the light; I prayed that God might have her in His care And sight. Earth's love was false; her voice, a siren's song; (Sweet mother-earth was...

By John McCrae
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19 December

Cologne Cathedral

The little white prayers Of Elspeth Fry Float up the arches Into the sky. A little black bird On the belfry high Pecks at them As they go by. Frances Shaw...

By Frances Shaw
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18 November

A Poet’s Prayer

That I have felt the rushing wind of Thee: That I have run before Thy blast to sea; That my one moment of transcendent strife Is more than many years of listless life; Beautiful Power, I praise Thee: yet I send A prayer that sudden strength be not the end. Desert...

By Stephen Phillips
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09 October