Topic: Simplicity

Without and Within

My coachman, in the moonlight there, Looks through the side light of the door; I hear him with his brethren swear, As I could do,—but only more. Flattening his nose against the pane, He envies me my brilliant lot, Breathes on his aching fists in vain, And dooms me to a place...

By James Russell Lowell
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22 October


I weigh not fortune’s frown or smile; I joy not much in earthly joys; I seek not state, I reck not style; I am not fond of fancy’s toys: I rest so pleased with what I have, I wish no more, no more I crave. I quake not at the thunder’s...

By Joshua Sylvester
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30 August


A hut, and a tree, And a hill for me, And a piece of a weedy meadow. I’ll ask no thing, Of God or king, But to clear away his shadow. Max Eastman...

By Max Eastman
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20 August